Ruth 1-4; Luke 17:1-19

Mustard Seed Faith

Sometimes it seems like God expects the impossible.  Jesus warns us of our fate should we lead others astray and exhorts us to offer superhuman forgiveness to those who have done us harm.  Like the disciples, I  know that following Jesus requires a supernatural infusion of faith and with them, I cry,  “Increase our faith!”  Jesus responds,

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed…  Luke 17:6

The tiny,  unassuming, easily misplaced tiny mustard seed which given soil,  water and sunlight quickly grows into a tree which shelters birds,  insects and other creatures.  I have mustard seeds in my life.  The question is if they are seeds of faith or disbelief.  Both grow and take root in my life.

Lately,  the mustard seeds have taken the form of moments when I am asked to give up my time,  my rights,  my will and what I think should be  mine.  Choosing faith over disbelief  doesn’t always come easily and when I get it right,  I want to make sure it was duly noted.   It’s just like at the end of the season kid’s sports banquet;  I want to make sure that I get the trophy for showing up and being obedient to the coach.   Ha! Jesus knows that my heart defaults back to a sense of entitlement and he tells me to trust Him with the outcome and not to expect accolades and applause for simple obedience.  It is not about me!  What He does promise me is that whatever amount of faith I can muster,  He will use for His good purposes.  He will use even the tiniest grain of faith I offer Him to bring His beauty,  healing and love to a dying and broken world.  May self preoccupation decrease and my faith and love for Him grow with each day.  He is faithful.


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3 responses to “Ruth 1-4; Luke 17:1-19

  1. I’m hearing what you say in that our faith is sometimes like the Prodigal Son’s brother’s. Father, why don’t you kill a fatted calf for me and celebrate me? Yet, the Father’s answer isn’t, “Hey, you need to just do what you are told.” He basically says, “All that I have is yours, and you are with me always so we can have a party anytime you want.” I love this picture of the Father, who pleads with this son to join in the festivities. I want to believe that after working alongside my Father on this earth that He wants to laugh, dance, and ‘make merry’ with me, too!

  2. juliet2912

    I am glad that I can have big faith, and I am glad it is okay if my faith is small like a mustard seed. Sometimes all I can ‘muster’ up is small faith, that can still move mountains.

  3. amyctanner

    “He will use the tiniest grain of faith I offer Him to bring His beauty, healing and love to a dying and broken world.” I never knew what a mustard tree looked like until recently. It is a bush that consumes everything around it. I hope that my faith can be like that if I let “my self preoccupation decrease and my faith and love for Him grow with each day, ” like you so beautifully said.

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