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1Samuel 28, 29; Luke 23:26-56

Sometimes in reading Scriptures over and over, I become dulled to the impact and meaning behind the words.  I can easily fall prey to this with the past week’s reading:  stories of hundreds of thousands marching off to war, men, women and children falling by the sword and the crucifixion of Christ. The horror and brutality of the suffering written about is almost too much to take in.

David’s kingdom is established and blood flows across the land.  There is a staggering loss of life on the battlefield and in the cities. The hearts of many are broken.  The kingdom of God is established,  blood flows from the wounds of Jesus and the heart of God is broken.  God forbid that I take for granted each insult Jesus absorbed, each blow he took, each pain filled step towards the Cross, each breath he labored for until he gave up his spirit.  All of this was for you and I…for his kingdom to be established in our hearts, not in theory but in the day to day reality of life.

I pray for a grateful heart that is open and responsive to You, dear Lord.  Thank you for the grace you extended before I even knew I was in so much need.  Keep me from taking your love for me for granted.  Amen


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