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2 Samuel 16-18; John 5:1-24

“Do you want to get well?” ~ John 5:6

It seems like such a silly question with such a simple answer.  Oddly enough, the answer isn’t always a resounding, “Yes, Lord, heal me.”  Far too often when asked a simple question that should have a simple response, we respond to our Lord with all the excuses of why we’re not already well.  God doesn’t ask us for our reasons why we’re not already better or have a better situation, etc.  God asks us if we want it and do we trust Him to supply it for us.

My husband and I are feeling a little bit of financial tightness at the moment.  We’re trying to live daily, but also plan for life with the baby.  We’re trying to make everything work—work, meetings, church, etc.—on one car with no a/c, and we’ve got a few other things going on.  For a little over a month, we’ve worked and tried to figure it out and finally this past weekend we came to an agreement: We’re done spinning our wheels trying to do it all on our own.  Our Lord has said to trust Him to supply all our needs and we’ve finally agreed, we will.  We sat down on Sunday night and made a list of everything we are believing God to provide, we prayed over it, and hung it on our refrigerator as a reminder that we don’t have to try to figure out how to make it work, but that God’s already taken care of it.  We simply need to say, “Yes Lord, I want what you have to offer me.”

The next time God ask, “Do you want to get well,” will you give Him all the excuses why you aren’t already well or will you simply say, “Yes, Lord, heal me”?




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