Psalm 9,11; John 8:1-27

Did the woman caught in adultery have the courage to look Jesus in the eyes, in the midst of her shame and brokenness? Would I?

Jesus had raised himself up and saw no one but the woman…And Jesus said to her…go and sin no more”John 8:10-11 NKJV

He met her exactly where she was…

Did she walk away a new person and was her life forever changed?

Was she braver/stronger?

Could she boast in her weaknesses(2 Cor 12:9), knowing that it was God working in her and not herself? Did she always know that she could run to Him when she felt abandoned or judged? Do I?

David did…he knew he could pour out his heart and God would listen…even when his emotions were all over the place.

I’ve already run for dear life straight into the arms of God. So why would I run away now.” Psalm 11:1 MSG

There have been times in my life when I was a coward, instead of running to Jesus like I should. I knew my sin, but I didn’t want to confess or bring it to light. He already knows it anyway right?Thats what I tell myself anyway. But, there is a difference when I confess it to Him, when I pour my heart out to Him. That is when my burden is lifted and my heart is changed.

Thank you Jesus that you pursue me and you meet me where I am. Help me to lift my eyes to You everyday. Amen

The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not adandon those who search for you.” Psalm 8:9-10 NLT



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5 responses to “Psalm 9,11; John 8:1-27

  1. I totally relate to what you said about cowardice and running away from Jesus. Though I know He loves me, I’ve been too ashamed to come to Him with my failures. Of course, that only delays my healing and learning from these mistakes. What is evident to me when I’ve confessed and asked forgiveness is that God’s mercy isn’t all I receive (though that in itself would be quite enough); but He causes me to sit a while and listen to His heart in the matter. His perspective changes my heart and my mind and is what helps me to make progress on this walk of salvation.

  2. Your questions got me thinking and asking more… did she go back and live and work amongst her accusers?… what about her family (if there was one)?… what happened to the man she was caught with? I guess we won’t know the answers this side of heaven, but the questions seem to be the same kinds of questions we ask when God does a 180 on our hearts. How does our encounter with him change not only us but our relationships with those around us. Thanks for a great post that opened up the passage and got me thinking.

  3. amyctanner

    Sometimes when I sit and listen He will reveal an ugliness in my heart that I didn’t know was there.
    I found my self having more questions too…I pictured her being drawn into Jesus’s eyes, after the compassion and love He had shown her. Than I began to wonder if her shame was making her look down instead. Like you said we will never know all the answers. But, it is really about how we are being changed. Thanks for more questions to ponder!

  4. Caught in the act … about to be stoned. Sometimes it is these very “rock bottom” situations that force us to look at our sin and own it in order to change. I can only wonder if she would have continued on if something so shocking hadn’t caused her to possibly lose it all. Like you said, about knowing sin but not wanting to confess it. Oh, this truth that sets us free. Makes it click in me: perhaps it is this confession and ownership of our choices … the turning to Jesus, even if our eyes are downcast … that opens up the chance for change through God’s work in us.

  5. amyctanner

    So true!
    “Turning to Jesus, even if our eyes are downcast…”
    Thanks for that perspective.

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