Proverbs 8,9; John 21

Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” ~John 21:22

We worry about too many things: why he’s getting promotions and I’m not; why I’m doing all the work while he stands around talking; what is she going to say about me if I’m not working just as hard or as long.

And to all of this worry Jesus says it is nonsense!  He has given us one command and it doesn’t include worrying about what anyone else thinks of us. His command to each of us, individually, is “Follow me!” Jesus said it was not Peter’s concern or any of his business that which He had commanded anyone else.  Peter’s only concern—as is ours—is to follow Jesus and the things He has set before each of us.

To help with our “worry” we each need to take an inventory in two areas.  1) Who do you worry is watching you?  If that person is not your boss or Jesus, don’t worry about it.  Instead, pray for them, that they’d go about the Lord’s business and not worry about yours.  Pray also for yourself, that you would not hold any person’s view of you higher than the Lord’s.  2) Who have you been watching with scrutiny?  If that person is a direct report, pray for God to give you grace & wisdom to guide them in the way God is calling them.  If that person is not a direct report, stop watching them.  Just as you belong to the Father, so do they.  When you stop worrying about others, you’ll have more time to dedicate to the things Jesus has called you to complete.

Jesus said… “Do you truly love me more than these? …[Then] follow me!” ~ John 21:15, 19




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3 responses to “Proverbs 8,9; John 21

  1. jmitch1

    You would think this issue goes without saying, but the fact that you wrote it is telling. All our lives we’re told, “don’t worry about what others think.” But, how hard is it to actually do? A lot easier if you truly trust in Him. Excellent reminder Heather, thanks!!!

  2. I have to reframe my thinking from time to time to mind my own job instead of comparing it to someone else’s. Great post, Heather. Thanks!

  3. A good reminder to keep my eyes focused on my journey. God is speaking to me all the time; it is my duty to listen and obey. Looking around at others can cause me to stumble or stand still. I’ll remember this passage when I’m wondering why nothing is moving forward for me; maybe I’m looking in the wrong direction.

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