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Pr 25,26; Acts 4:23-37

remove the wicked from the king’s presence,
and his throne will be established through righteousness. Prov. 25:5

On the outset, it may seem that this verse couldn’t have a lot of relevance for me (or anyone one I know really).  It does, after all, speak of kings and thrones, and I certainly am not a king nor do I have a throne.  However, I can say I have had a full share of “wickedness” in my life over the years.  The Hebrew for this word is rasa which means wicked, evil, guilty.  But, to me, it makes me think of the word “toxic.”  People can be toxic in our lives and so can the things we engage in.

If you’ve read my bio here on WordPress, you know that I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a teenager, but somewhat quickly turned my back on Him.  During those years with my back turned, I became one of those toxic people.  In trouble in school, in trouble with the law – generally engaged in toxic, willful behavior – returning to my sin like a dog to his vomit (Prov. 26:11).  Having God call me back, and my willingness to hear and respond has been the most amazing, joyful experience.  And one of the most amazing things is I truly feel the toxicity in my life is gone.  I can’t say if it has been a real choice on my part or if it is a coincidence – perhaps a bit of both, but I can say all of it is because if Him.  He has honored me with and a wife that has the kindest, most courageous heart.  He has blessed me with life affirming friends and family. He has helped me remove the toxic behavior by replacing it with a healthy, active rich lifestyle.  He has transformed me!  And for all of this, I honor Him!! Not just for the blessings, but also for how He loves me and knows me.  I’m not perfect, and life can be crazy and hectic at times, but with Him, it’s so much more amazing.

Lord, I know I am still a sinner, but thank you for transforming me so I can walk in Your light.  Your blessings are almost more than I can bear knowing what You paid for them, but to know you like I am coming to know you, makes it worth it.  Praise you Jesus. Amen.


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