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Ecc 4, 5, 6; Acts 9:23-43

The writer of Ecclesiastes is general considered to be Solomon.  Solomon was arguable one of the wealthiest and wisest men to ever walk this earth.  I mean he had it all and understood pretty much everything.  Yet as you read this book you don’t exactly find someone who seems happy.  Everything is meaningless and he seems frustrated with “everything under the sun.”  This doesn’t exactly line up with the general idea of what most people call success.

Lately, I have been dealing with my own frustrations and with trying to figure out God’s will for my life.  Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, I don’t know, but I’ve been dealing with some disappointments and doors closing in the direction of where I thought God wanted me to go.

Frustration is something we all can relate to I’m sure and usually it’s because we can’t seem to get what we think we really need or want.  I think the key words here are what “we think“.  This isn’t the first time in my life I have dealt with disappointment.  I look back and see where God led me through some tough times and I can see now how He was in it.  But at the time it was confusing and frustrating, just like it is now.  In the end though, I know it is all based on me not being content on where God has me now and instead focusing on where I think I should be.  It is a lack of focus

In Solomon’s writing, he points to this.  Did you notice how many times he says I did this and I did that?  I think what he is trying to say is that when we do things for ourselves, ultimately there is no eternal meaning or value.  It’s like chasing the wind as he puts it.  He does clarify this a few times when he talks about how fulfillment or happiness is a gift from God.

“They seldom reflect on the days of their life, because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart.”  Ecc. 5:20

God, help my focus.  Help my vision to be in line with Yours.  Help me to live in the moment for You.  Grant me patience and peace to deal with frustrations when they come and to give You the glory no matter what.


Allen (allen4myfamily)



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