Jonah 1, 2, 3, 4; Acts 15:1-21

Jonah doesn’t want to do what the Lord says. He gets on a boat and heads in the far opposite direction of where he should be going. He puts everyone on the boat in great danger, but he is unaware. Jonah 1:1-5 NLT.

Doesn’t want to do it. Goes in the opposite direction. Puts others in danger. He is unaware.

Some years ago I did a life illustration for my daughter using Fisher-Price Little People in a boat. The boat was our home, and the people inside were the family members. The application had nothing to do with Jonah, but I thought of that little boat with the family inside when I started reading today.

I thought of one man’s disobedience, and how it put others in danger–and he was unaware.

I don’t often think of the ripple effect of my actions (or inaction). Unaware. A storm builds up and threatens to tear the boat apart–my home. Impatience. Apathy. Even preoccupation with other responsibilities. Am I hearing the call God has on my life?

God says, “Go here.” And Jonah says, “No.”

Am I so caught up in (fill in the blank) that I don’t even hear his voice? Little people in my boat, where am I steering us? Does my walk with the Lord show obedience to him? What do I make priority in my life? Do my words and actions align?

I think of family generations–the ones before me who set a course the others followed. Is that the course I want to follow? Is where I’m going a place I want my kids to end up?

Father, I pray that I would hear you and your call on my life. Help me to lead where you have placed me. When you say to me, “Go here.” I want my bags packed and my heart willing. Willing to go to love, forgiveness, patience, kindness–wherever you say. Help me to be mindful of the path I’m on, and ready to redirect my steps. Help me to be mindful I’m setting a course that others may follow.

Courtney (66books365)

Lead Where You Are



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3 responses to “Jonah 1, 2, 3, 4; Acts 15:1-21

  1. I wonder how many times I have jumped out of the boat taking the paddles with me, leaving people adrift. This is very convicting.

  2. I think of how unaware I was of the effects of disobedience. This was convicting to me too!

  3. When I confess my sins, lately, I have been considering the terms ‘sins of omission’ and sins of ‘commission.’ Spending time reflecting on these often brings up shortcomings from the past that I seemed unaware of until now. It’s like the big boulders of sin have been removed, to borrow an image from a book, and now the small rocks are easier to see. They, too, need removed to get to the soft, rich earth that God plants His good seed. I want to be mindful of any stumbling blocks I place in my own path, but more importantly in the way of those I love and those who God has placed in my care.

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