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Dear Amos,

You are making me a bit uncomfortable. You lived in Old Covenant times.  Don’t I get a break because I live under the New Covenant?  Don’t I escape judgement because I am  a redeemed and forgiven believer?

You see, life is comfortable and secure. I can divert my eyes and ignore corruption, perversion and oppression. It is as simple as changing my television channel from the News to the Food Network.  After all, I am only one in a billion.  What difference can I make?  Besides, it’s easier to keep quiet and not stir up trouble. What do you expect from me?

But you, Amos have been in my face these past couple of days.  You could have stayed in Judah and tended your flocks and orchard, but God’s truth was stronger than your desire to live a quiet,  secure, low resistance life.  The same truth that burned within you got Jesus hung on a cross.  That same truth also raised him from the dead and bought my freedom.

So what am I to do with you and the words God gave you?  I am not really sure.  I know that your words change me and God’s truth remains the same today as in your time.  God wants to be worshiped wholeheartedly.  He is not one of those idols I can take out to feel better about myself and then tuck away when my fears are assuaged.  You tell me that He longs for justice and restored relationships here on earth.  You had the conviction to stand up and  speak the difficult but healing word.  I pray that I am more like you when the time comes to speak up and do what God asks me to do.  The truth does not give me any other viable option.



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