Ps 99, 100, 102; Acts 17:16-34

Evangelism is something that we are all called to do.  That will of course look differently depending on the person and where God has called them.  But those of us who have been blessed with the light of Jesus are told to share that light with others.  It can be scary sometimes or intimidating.  I think for me knowing how important the truth is and how much people need God in their life, I get concerned that I might say the wrong thing or not say the right thing.  If you think it about though, those thoughts are pretty arrogant.  I mean in those situations if I am thinking about me and not them, then my head is in the wrong place or should I say my heart.  And shouldn’t I be letting God do the talking?  I also can’t be worried about the result as if it’s a win lose situation.

I love this passage in Acts where we see Paul just throwing out the truth, first in a public place for all to hear and then in a smaller setting where he can answer questions and go deeper.  He also isn’t judgmental or condemning. Instead he uses the very sin of idolatry to point to God and speak with words that they know and understand.  He is culturally relevant, authentic, but at the same time fully truthful.  In the end, he also is content with leaving it all out there and letting God handle the rest.

some laughed in contempt, but others said, “We want to hear more about this later.” That ended Paul’s discussion with them,but some joined him and became believers.” Acts 17:32b-34a NLT

God,  Help me to be bold and unashamed. Help me to value others and their need for you above my own fear.  I pray for your Spirit to pour through me so that others can see your light. Amen

Allen (allen4myfamily)



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3 responses to “Ps 99, 100, 102; Acts 17:16-34

  1. Your words made me think about my own approach to evangelism. Sometimes I think I have to defend my faith (or is it my pride) instead of presenting the Gospel to others. That is so unbalanced and not very effective. We are to speak with gentleness and reverence, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction. Duh…I know that, so why do I get caught up in my emotions??? I need to just move on and speak to those who want to hear more. A good passage today to lift the burden of convincing others about Jesus instead of demonstrating the simple truth of His gospel.

  2. I sometimes worry I will say something that’s not based on truth, but faulty former teaching or misunderstanding. Sometimes I feel like Janet, a defense of faith. I knew a woman who lived so gently with others, I was drawn to her to learn more about her peace. It occurred to me that I didn’t have to approach evangelism in the exact same way as another, but I did want to always be open for the opportunity to share Jesus. I’m not at the point where I would come right out and ask if someone is a believer, but I might ask if/where they go to church, and go from there.

  3. jmitch1

    I hear you Allen! I struggle all the time with how to present my faith. But, your right, it’s not about me. Really, at the end of the day they should “know us by our love.”

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