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Psalms 106, 111, 112; 1 Thessalonians 2

There it is was sitting right in the middle of an old familiar Psalm:

They exchanged THEIR Glory for an image of a bull which eats grass.  They forgot the God who saved them.  Psalm 106:20-21

Ouch.  It sounds so foolish when considering how the Israelites  had witnessed all those miracles straight from the hand of God,  but how many times have I done the same thing?  How easily I forget that God is MY Glory.  My Glory is not my winning personality, my clever intellect, my nicely decorated home, my 401K or how I look in that new dress.  Why would I try to impress anyone with anything less than the God who loves me?  My Glory is my heavenly Father.  The same Father who has rescued me numerous times and has patiently gone out of his way to tell me that he loves me.  The same Creator who breathes life into those who surround me and has made this wonder filled universe.  The same God who bent down to my level and took the form of a man so I can understand and know Him; the same God who sent his beloved Son to pay the price for my sins.

Where did I ever get the idea that I should push God aside and try to fill the void with something or someone less than Him?  The Israelites and I have much in common.  We have fruitlessly tried exchanging the God who saves us for ridiculous gods we attempt to own all the while forgetting that what we worship controls us.  Why do I ever seek another master?



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