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Psalm 116, 117, 118; 1 Thes 4

“His Love endures forever.” Ps 118:1b

Although I’ve cited this verse as Psalm 118:1b, it appears in some form or fashion over 45 times in the bible – mostly in the Psalms.  Obviously this is not a mistake.  In fact, it is the single most important thing God wants us to know about Him.  That no matter what happens, He will always love us.  I know we say this a lot.  So much so, that we run the risk of it becoming cliché and loosing it’s meaning.  That’s why I chose to write about it today.  I wanted to spend some time just taking in what it means.

Take away all the stuff around me, and God will still be there.

Take away all those who love me, and God will still be there.

Take away the world, and God will still be there.

I’m sitting here thinking more about what I just wrote and am struck by the enormity of these statements.  God will always be there.  I know I’ve been guilty of trying to box Him in – of trying to fit him in to my perceptions of the way life is, but when I think about those statements and what they truly mean, I realize, I can’t put Him in a box.  Doing so may make it convenient and comfortable for me, but that’s not what He wants.  He isn’t convenient by design.  I am not to be comfortable, for it is then that the enemy get’s in.  Accepting the fact that His love and faithfulness always endure, means I have to accept that my life is His and, as Paul tries to get across to the Thesolonians, I need to live my life to please Him and Him alone – and do so from a grateful heart.

God, thank you for revealing the enormity of your Love.  Teach me true gratitude and help me to share that with others. In Jesus name, Amen.

Jim (jmitch1)



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