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1 Chronicles 20-22; 1 Corinthians 14:1-20

In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war…David remained in Jerusalem. ~ 1 Chronicles 20:1


I am facing a cross roads.  What I want to do is to go to the “right”, to take my way, and to follow my desires and the things that I think I have coming to me.  But what I’m beginning to realize is that may not be what God wants for me for right now.  Honestly, I must say that it’s very disappointing and frustrating.


Reading today’s passage showed me that if I continue to follow my desires, instead of God’s, I too would face consequences.  Because David remained in Jerusalem, he was tempted by Satan to count all the fighting men of Israel.  The result of his actions caused a plague to come upon Israel for three days, killing 70,000 men (see 1 Chronicles 21).  After reading that, I realized I don’t want to hinder God’s blessings upon my household, simply because I want things to go my way.


God has uniquely surrounded me with women who will speak boldly into my life.  Two women in particular said the same thing to me yesterday: You need to humble yourself before the Lord and tell Him that you want His desires for your life.  You want His best and if His best is the opposite of what you want, you are willing to do it.  I can honestly say, it’s not easy to be humble, but I do want the very best that God has to offer our family and if the “left” road is the way He wants me to travel for now, I will travel it until He tells me to stop or to change directions.


Father, I don’t understand this path, but I will follow You.




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