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2 Chron 31,32; Acts 20:1-16

Hezekiah carried out this work and kept it up everywhere in Judah. He was the very best-good, right, and true before his God. Everything he took up, whether it had to do with worship in God’s Temple or the carrying out of God’s Law and Commandments, he did well in a spirit of prayerful worship. He was a great success…Hezekiah also went to work repairing every part of the city wall that was damaged, built defensive towers on it….Hezekiah rallied the people saying, “Be strong! Take Courage! Don’t be intimidated by the king of Assyria and his troops-there are more on our side than on their side. He only has a bunch of mere men; we have our God to help us and fight for us!” 2 Chron 31:20-21; 32:5-8 MSG

Hezekiah seemed to be good at everything, the kind of person that I might be intimidated by. He had a heart for the Lord and followed in obedience. Nothing seemed to make him afraid or break him down, until he“became deathly sick. He prayed to God and was given a reassuring sign. But the sign instead of making Hezekiah grateful, made him arrogant. This made God angry, and His anger spilled out on Judah & Jerusalem.” 2 Chron 31:24-25MSG

Did Hezekiah lose hope?… in the plans that God had for his life & his people? Was he angry or upset with God? After all of the things they had been through together. With the generosity of him & his people…Did he think God had let them down? Or did he feel like he could rely on his own power, strength and confidence? I know that has been true of my life at times. But, I am grateful for a God that knows my heart. I am encouraged by Hezekiah, because he was a man who had a heart for God.  He also made mistakes, but he was not remembered for them.  Instead, he repented and “and God withdrew his anger while Hezekiah lived…Hezekiah succeeded in everything he did……God left him on his own to see what he would do, he wanted to test his heart. The rest of history of Hezekiah and his life of loyal service…..He was buried in great honor.” Chron 31:26-32

Dear Father, I want to live in a spirit of prayerful worship like Hezekiah did, which is only possible if I have a repentant heart. Because I know how easily I can fall into the same trap of arrogance. Give me a humble heart, that relies on Your power and not my own. Amen




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