Isaiah 7,8; Acts 20:17-38

The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy,
he is the one you are to fear,
he is the one you are to dread,
and he will be a sanctuary… Isaiah 8:13-14a

As some of you may have noticed I did not post on my regular day this week (thanks for covering for me Courtney!).  I was away all weekend and very busy, so I didn’t get a chance to spend quality time with my scheduled verses and didn’t want to rush through a post just to do it.  Over these last two years there have been times that I’ve missed my quiet time and missed reading that day’s scheduled verses and missed reading the blog for that day. During those times I have felt somewhat disconnected from the group, but I’ve always been able to catch up and it has always seemed to work out that I able to get back on track in time to focus on my assignment – that is until this week.

What’s interesting about missing my assigned time this week, is that I felt very isolated from the group – much more so than any other time. Even though we don’t often talk, I do feel like we are a community – even those who just follow us and post responses from time to time.  Missing that time with you all this weekend then not getting to do my normal assignment, made me feel separated. But then reading Isaiah 8: 14a “and he will be a sanctuary” it hit me.  I am never alone.  And I never will be.  He is and will always be there.  In our community, in my busy life, in our world – He will be lifted high.  And He is my sanctuary.  It just proves to me that following Jesus is more than just proclaiming my faith.  It isn’t a mistake that I felt separated.  As my favorite song says, He is jealous for me.  He wants my full attention.  I am saved, but following Him means to stay connected – stay disciplined.

Thanks again Courtney for covering for me.

And thank you God for teaching me this lesson.  I suspect I may end up missing days again, but I know You will always love me and never leave me. Amen

Jim (jmitch1)



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2 responses to “Isaiah 7,8; Acts 20:17-38

  1. There have been “archive” times for me too. And I feel like something is missing. It’s good to know he is always with us, but it’s kind of like not seeing a spouse because of a busy day, and you miss them.

  2. I’ve had this talk with God, before. Though He is present always, I am the one who turns away. I don’t mean that I turn from believing in our Lord or that I turn away from His loving grace and mercy which I cannot live without! When I’m curled up in pain, I’ve turned away from the hands and the hearts of the warm, earthly bodies God has placed near me. The very ones whom I can call or write or make time to be with seem so distant to me in this aching void. Then I wonder where is my God? Sometimes I cave in to these dark thoughts. What a relief it is that God does not allow me to live there, long! He sends His grace or some angel of mercy to remind me of, as you say, His jealous love for me and His watchful care for me. Why the dark times? I don’t really know, but the joy of returning to the light is indescribable.

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