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Nahum 1,2,3; Acts 23:1-15


Acts 23:11 The following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome.” (ESV)


This passage of Scripture (Acts 23:1-15) finds the Apostle Paul in heaps of trouble. He was in Jerusalem being persecuted by the Jewish religious leaders. He was having to use his god-given wits to squirm out of a very dangerous situation. While being held over night the Lord comes to him and tells him not to be afraid and that some day he’ll stand

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in Rome giving testimony to God’s truth and hope. He was given a clear vision. Some day he would stand in Rome testifying to the facts of the life and mission of Jesus. It was a clear clarion call on his life. In fact it is something that stays with him for ever.


Do you think that we all have that kind of call on our lives? Perhaps it’s not the Lord standing beside us like he did in Paul’s case, but if we are attuned to the whisper of God, it’s there. There have been times in my life when I have prayed for things or issues and getting in the car before going to work, or in the quietness of my morning study & prayer God comes and whispers a mission or resolution or comfort in my spiritual ear. It’s as if He is standing there speaking to me. It doesn’t just happen to people like the Apostle Paul. It happens to all of us who are Christ followers. Personally as I was seeking God about my future He gave me two things as if they were as clear as Him talking to me. He told me that for fifteen years I was to work at building a world-class ministry team at LifePoint Church and for the next fifteen mentor younger people in ministry. Thirty years! That’s enough into the future to keep me busy for quite some time. That was eight years ago and it is still a guiding beacon in my life.

What things has God whispered in your spiritual ear? Can you share one of those with us?


Father God I am so humbled that You, the God of the universe, sees fit to speak with me. Thank you. Thank you for the way you speak to those reading this blog today. Keep our spiritual ears attuned to Your messages that you whisper to us. We love you very much and pray these things in Jesus Name, Amen!


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