Jeremiah 9, 10, 14; Colossians 1

Be assured that from the first day we heard of you, we haven’t stopped praying for you, asking God to give you wise minds and spirits attuned to his will, and so acquire a thorough understanding of the ways in which God works. We pray that you’ll live well for the Master, making him proud of you as you work hard in his orchard. As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work. We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us. Colossians 1:9-12 (MSG)

Since I became a believer this prayer from Paul has been a prayer that I have not only prayed for others, but also prayed fervently for myself. I want to be attuned to God’s heart so much so that, to the best of my ability, I will know His will and be courageous enough to walk in it. I want to have His strength, so that even in my weakness I can demonstrate His Glory within me.

Sometimes I am successful in hearing what God wants from me and then obeying. Most times I trip and fall and my own will becomes more important to me than anything else. I think that it is a never-ending daily struggle for every one of us – flesh versus spirit. And in that, I have to believe that in spite of my human failings that my Papa, Father God still loves me with an everlasting love.

He chose me for this journey, for this work, the many tasks I am given each day, from the mundane duties of laundry and washing the dishes to the craziness of raising children to the awe of leading someone into the Kingdom. He chose me, not for who I am or what I have to offer, but because of what He did for me on the cross. He chose me because I am a Glory-carrier and I have determined to not hide His light under a bushel.

When He chose me, He knew the struggles that I would have with bad attitudes, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, ungratefulness, etc., the frustrating circumstances of my life, the trials and tribulations that I would be encountering during the journey. He was aware of the heart break that I would experience and that I would cause. He knew what would weaken my countenance and what would threaten to diminish my faith. He knew that the day to day of life would make it difficult to maintain that face-to-face time we both desire so much.

And, yet, He still chooses me to take part in His work in this life. He chooses to strengthen me. He chooses to show me His will. He chooses to know me and be proud of me. He chooses to love me.

    If you brag, brag of this and this only:
That you understand and know me.
I’m God, and I act in loyal love.
I do what’s right and set things right and fair,
and delight in those who do the same things.
These are my trademarks.
Jeremiah 9:24 (MSG)

Yesappa, Thank You for choosing me. Thank You for making me strong in my weakness. Thank You for Your goodness and Your Glory. Thank You for loving me. Help me in my journey. Help me do what is right and fair. Help me walk in Your will. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Blessings – Julie, Vadipatti, India



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2 responses to “Jeremiah 9, 10, 14; Colossians 1

  1. Great encouragement on days when life can seem so hard. God’s love forever changing us and strengthening us to love others through Him.

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