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Ps. 77, 78; Rev. 6

As I write this, I am away for a two-week training class for work wishing I was home.  Family has always been very important to me and even a day or two away is hard.  Right now my thoughts are with my son Ian.  He is four years old and has to undergo a surgery today, Friday.  This will be his second in as many weeks.  His life isn’t in any danger so I am thankful for that, but the surgery’s will help him to have a better live or at least that is what the doctors and we hope for.  My greatest focus of thought is on his emotional state.  I was able to be there last week and help him walk through the process.  I saw the fear in his eyes as they began to put him under.  It broke my heart to have to put him through that.  He didn’t understand that we were trying to help him and that it was for his own good.  He couldn’t comprehend the big picture.

Of course the obvious parallels present themselves.  How many times have I been confused by the trials of life, thinking to myself that God didn’t understand or realize what I was going through?  Of course that isn’t true, but in the moment we often lose sight of what is true.  How much more will all of these things be true when the end finally comes?  Revelation is a very confusing and scary book when you get right down to it.  Of course in the very end, for those of us who have believed upon Christ, we will be with Him forever, but there are many things that will happen before then.  It is hard to trust in what we don’t understand, in what we can’t see.  Through the experience with my son, I gained more understanding of God and His relationship with us and for that I am grateful.

God, please help us all to see that You are in control, that You are sovereign and even though we may not understand Your plans, Your ways, You are always with us.  Never once did we ever walk alone and never once will we.

Allen (allen4myfamily)


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