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Ps 107,126; Rev 10


Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love

and his wonderful deeds for men,

for he satisfies the thirsty

and fills the hungry with good things. Ps. 107: 8-9

Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love

and his wonderful deeds for men,

for he breaks down gates of bronze

and cuts through bars of iron. Ps. 107: 15-16

Like so many, my heart has been heavy these last few days.  I’ve found myself angry with God. Asking why would He let such an awful thing happen to the innocent.   I’m not sure I’m quite over my anger yet.  Perhaps that’s because I’ve been dealt several personal blows recently so I’m feeling tested.  Even the events of the last few days feel like a personal attack.  A trial I’m meant to endure.  A test of my faith.

When my health started to become an issue a few months ago, I found myself in prayer one morning telling God, “go ahead God, test me!  My faith won’t falter!”  Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for.  I’m not suggesting I had anything to do with that evil last week, but it did have me shaking my fist at Him.  Wondering again why my faith was being tested.

Then I read these words in the Psalms.  I love how the Psalms always comfort me.  Even the laments for some reason have a way of calming my spirit.  I read them and they drive home the point that God’s love is unfailing. He will, eventually, satisfy our thirst and hunger.  He will break down the gates for us.  It isn’t my right to judge Him for not intervening, because only He has the power to satisfy, to cut through the bars of iron, to heal.  After all, I wasn’t there when he created the heavens and the earth.  I wasn’t there when he breathed life into Adam.  God’s plan is so much bigger than I could ever wrap my head around, and I trust that He has a purpose for this current set of circumstances happening in my life.

Thank you God for your plans for me.  Help me to either understand them (even if just a little bit) or to truly trust you.  And please grant us all strength and peace in these difficult days. I love you God. Amen






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