Ezra 8,9,10; Revelation 15

After contributing to and reading this blog for three years, I settle in on my comfy couch for my final post. I reflect on a beautiful Christmas service and pause to soak it in. I am loved and pursued by the God of the Universe. He makes all things new. No matter what happens, my hope is secure and I will live one day with the angels in Heaven.

I am blessed.

After church we went to Hampden (in Baltimore) to see the Christmas lights. While the crowd added a bit of stress to the situation I still enjoyed the sights and sounds. Then I had a wonderful dinner with my family, the four of us, laughing and enjoying what will be one of the few dinners together before my daughter heads off to college.

Again, I soak it in. I am so very blessed.

In Ezra we read of the Israelites turning back to God after a period of exile and disobedience. They have hard work ahead of them, righting wrongs, changing their lives, even breaking apart from unbelieving women they married during their exile. Obedience is demanding, but they know what must be done. I ponder the trust they have in their God, and what they give up because they know it is the right thing to do. Life on earth can be hard.

Then we turn to the New Testament. In Revelation we get a peek at heaven, with the angels dressed in white linen and gold sashes. The redeemed sing with the angels, as we will one day:

 “Great and marvelous are your deeds,
Lord God Almighty.
Just and true are your ways,
King of the nations.[a]
4 Who will not fear you, Lord,
and bring glory to your name?
For you alone are holy.
All nations will come
and worship before you,
for your righteous acts have been revealed.” (Revelation 15:3-4)



PS – Merry Christmas everyone!



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2 responses to “Ezra 8,9,10; Revelation 15

  1. klueh

    The theme that I keep hearing thru your post, the Scriptures and the Christmas Season is this sense and wonder of who God is. I pray God’s love breaks thru for so many who are hurting. I love the line in O Holy Night, “…the thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices!” May this be so.

  2. I liked the way you live in the moment, Sue. Rather than focusing on the past or even the future, you just savor the moments with your family and praise God. That is truly peace.

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