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Genesis 27, Matthew 26, Esther 3, & Acts 26

“They are bold-faced liars!”  “What a cheat!”  “He’s just being manipulative.” “He’s just showing off in public.” “All of them are betrayers.”  That is what I first thought about the main characters in these Biblical stories.  If I had not read the whole story, I would have trembled to think how God’s justice would fall on them; like Evelyn says to Beni in an old Indiana Jones movie, “You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.”

The funny thing is; these characters are the heroes in the stories we read!  The lies and cheating of Rebecca and her son, Jacob, results in Jacob receiving his father’s blessing and inheritance.  Though Peter denies Jesus three times, Jesus makes him a mighty rock in the kingdom of God.  Mordecai’s resistance to government and public display of nonconformity leads to honors and a parade.  Paul schmoozes the king with flattery, and he gets to speak the gospel at the highest level of authority.

To a person like me who has mostly seen life in black and white terms, the behaviors of these characters are somewhat confusing.  I like people who are honest, say what they mean, and mean what they say.  I am sensitive to manipulation, and I can often detect the signs of dishonesty: averting the eyes, hesitating in speech, nervousness, fidgety body language. Also,  I really take it hard when those whom I love betray me or leave me in a difficult situation.

As is usually true, however, what one hates the most in others is most likely one’s own character flaw.

How many times have I told little white lies?  How oft have I used my femininity to get what I want? What about those loud outbursts in meetings to sound my disapproval? And to my shame, what about the times that I have gossiped or abandoned another for my own benefit?  So it is in my best interest to learn God’s intention for me through these stories.

To make a long story short (no pun intended), I learned that we sometimes forget that God is in control and He will give us what He ordains.  We do not have to push and manipulate to receive what He has reserved for us.  Also, quiet, peaceful disagreement may be needed to affect change, but we better have fasted and prayed to know if God is on our side. Another ‘moral to the story’ is that you can ‘catch more flies with honey.’  Most importantly, what I will take from these instructive Biblical stories about men and women of God is that even betrayal can be forgiven; not just theirs’ – MINE.



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