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Exodus 6, Luke 9, I Corinthians 10, & Job 23

Who is this Unchangeable God of the Bible? 

Exodus 6:  The first time I met Him, I was awestruck; stopped dead in my reckless wandering through youthful ignorance.  He was some supernatural Protector, God Almighty, but He quickly faded from my view.  Like the wandering Israelites in the desert, my eyes returned to the dusty path I trudged.

Then He came to me again sieved as I was through narrow circumstances; this time knowing it was my time, no other would do.  He became the great I AM.  My head bowed, kneeling, I poured out years of pain and shame, never lifting my eyes for fear of seeing God’s disapproving gaze.  Yet, never able to turn away.

Luke 9: Led on by gentle shepherds, years took me through peaceful places, a soothing journey with my young family, to the Christ of God, and I thought, “He is like me; He knows me, this Son of Man.”  Jesus Christ unraveled my dread of God Almighty and taught me to call Him “Father.”  Adopted, I could dance and sing and spread cheer and charity.

I Corinthians 10: I could have drawn you His picture.  But then, just as J.I. Packard wrote in Knowing God, images mislead men and images dishonor God, “for they obscure His glory.” My mind had created the God of my dreams.  I liked Him a lot, but He was not always easy to understand.  He did not seem to care as much about me later in life.  He would not give me the things I thought were promised, no, obligated by Him.  In fact, I suspect He took away some of my most prized possessions.

Job 23: Now, no longer is God the comforter of self-centered me; He has changed back to God Almighty; then again, maybe He has always been Unchangeable God.  It is I who has waffled in complacency and ruffled my own feathers with terminal expectations.  Dead in my circular wanderings, if not for the defining, revealing, inviting gaze of this God, Unique, that calls me to change.


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