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Ex. 24; John 3; Job 42; 2 Cor. 12

Fairy tales usually follow a typical progression.  You have a hero and a villain or villains who battle each other either for treasure or a girl.  The hero usually suffers some setbacks and adversity, but in the end wins and lives happily ever after.  Of course life seldom works out that way.  Job actually kind of unfolds like that though.  In this last chapter we get to the happily ever after.  Job has suffered beyond measure and lost everything including his loved ones.  He has been scorned by his best friends and even feels abandoned by God, but never loses his faith and now God is rewarding him for his faithfulness.  It’s almost to good to be true.

I have to admit that sometimes, when I really think about it, this whole Jesus thing seems too good to be true.  I mean at least in the fairy tales the hero has to overcome some great obstacle or defeat what seems to be an unbeatable foe before he gets his prize.  But I have received so much and done nothing.  I know in our story, Jesus is the hero and has defeated the foe once and for all.  His prize is us, the bride of Christ, the church.  I guess I am the princess in those Disney stories.  Not sure how I feel about that honestly given that I am a man and have it built into me to be the hero, but none the less, I have been rescued, I have been saved.

No matter what adversity comes in this life, I get the happy ending and even the adversity is for God’s glory as he uses it to strengthen me and my faith.  Job’s story is one that lives on even today after thousands of years because he held on to his faith and on to God through it all. I guess that is my part to play in this story.  To never lose faith and to be a testimony in the here and now so that others can see God through me.

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