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Ex. 26; John 5; Prov. 2, Gal. 1

The word that came to me while reading these pieces for today’s post was leadership. The more I read, it became clearer that the principles of leadership were modeled over and over, first by our Lord, and then in the actions of the disciples; specifically Paul. In Galatians, Paul shared the central message of the cross of the Lord Jesus; designed not only to separate us from the penalty of our sins, but to separate us from the power of them. Will we, who have been saved by His grace deny Him by plunging again into that from which His cross has forever delivered us?

In our own lives, leadership should include certain character qualities; brokenness, uncommon spiritual union, and servanthood. Brokenness allows us to move away from self-reliance; a deliberate “holy handicap” that keeps us dependent on God in a healthy way.

With uncommon spiritual union, God give us assignments that are greater than we can meet, causing a gap in leadership from where we are and where we need to be. Only God can fill that gap that exists. Proverbs 2 stated that God has provided that those who are sincerely disposed to do His will shall have the knowledge and understanding necessary for them to complete their assigned task; the unbelievable gift of true wisdom! According to Pastor Crawford Loritts, “you must press into God to get what you need to do what He’s told you to do, so you can become what we need to be.” God delights in helping the helpless and the broken. Jesus demonstrates this well in John 5 while healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda as God offers His mercy to those who are willing to be helped. And He offers us the same mercy if we can just come to Him… admitting our need for His guidance, grace, and mercy.

A true leaders heart is filled with a care and a love for those they lead… it’s part of who they are… their identity. Focusing on servanthood, with an effort of adopting servanthood as an identity, has leaders moving into the realm of becoming a Christ-like influencer. Jesus, washing the disciple’s feet; the ultimate example of servant leadership, where leadership is not about position or title… rather a platform in which to serve.

By dedicating our lives to serving God, the wonders of God’s presence and grace are revealed… but those who refuse to believe that our Lord and Savior took on the sins of the world and died on a cross in our place, are separated or screened out from the things of the Spirit. (Exodus 26).

Heavenly Father, help us to experience an increase of grace and peace from You, through spiritual growth… help us to experience the joy that fills the heart when we are truly focused on You, which requires a steady growth of our inner person. For spiritual growth is both the prerequisite for and the means to obtaining Your blessings… Amen.

Greg (gstefanelli)


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