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Numbers 19, Psalm 56, 57, Isaiah 8-9:7, James 2

Us and Them…

Seven years ago, I came to Christ and devoted my life to doing His work and becoming the man He wanted me to be. Part of that process was to give up old ways that were not honoring to God. As a result, I’ve not listened to much music other than contemporary Christian. Recently, while driving through Baltimore on the way to work, I found myself stopped at a traffic light where 2 homeless people were looking for food and money. At that moment, I felt called to change the radio station I was listening to from Christian to classic rock. Where did *that* come from? Well… when I heard the song that was playing and listened to the lyrics, I realized *why* I needed to change the station I was listening to.

For some time, I’ve heard God speaking to me in many different ways… sometimes in a whisper to my heart, while other times, God can speak through the cry of a young child, a moving scene in a movie, or, in this case, listening to the lyrics of the Pink Floyd song “Us and Them” while I had no choice but to watch 2 homeless people while stopped at a traffic light. Coincidence? Hardly… there was a message here… a very loud message… open yourself and feel how My heart hurts. In the song “Us and Them”, lyricist Roger Waters writes about the problems caused by segregating between those how have and those who do not. In a very similar way, James 2 warns us not to show favoritism. Who was I to look upon my brothers on the street with disgust or to judge? Has God not chosen those who have nothing to gain everything because of their faith? Should I not then look to find ways to bridge the gap that exist between me and them so that I can stand before God and proclaim that there is no longer a them; rather just an us? Wouldn’t that make God sigh in relief? We, who make up the Church, must be the one place where all distinctions are wiped out. There can be no distinctions of rank, prestige, or merit when we meet in the presence of our Lord and Savior, for in God’s presence, all men are one. As a result, I should desire to help my brothers with all my heart, for authentic faith will bear the fruit of good works, as faith alone, without works, is worthless.

Heavenly Father, I will put my trust in You (Isaiah 8:17)… that You will be merciful (Psalm 56, 57) and You will gently help me to unlearn, then relearn how I am to be in order to honor You and Your name. That I would seek to help my brothers who are less fortunate not because they are different than me, but because doing so will honor You; that the reasons aren’t important for disparity, but seeing Your face in them is. In Your Son’s precious name… Amen

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