Num. 31; Ps. 75, 76; Isa. 23; 1 John 1

“We praise You, God, we praise You, for Your Name is near; people tell of Your wonderful deeds. You say, “I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge with equity. When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm”” Psalm 75:1-2 NIV

These words are hard to speak with any measure of enthusiasm when things are not going well.  When the world seems to be spinning out of control or when tragedy strikes I have trouble believing it.  When things happen like what occurred on Monday in Moore, Oklahoma many begin to wonder just how much God is in control.  It causes us to question how God could allow such things to happen, especially when it involves the loss of children.  There have been other times in my life where I have lost friends or family and this is where my heart was taken.

But honestly, I can’t have it both ways.  Yes God is sovereign and all things happen because he allows them too, but free will has determined that life is going to be unpredictable and often messy.  When man first sinned in the garden, we decided that we wanted to do things our way and the fall has brought with it many consequences.  This includes the storms of life which take many forms.  God does not leave us to ourselves though.  He wants to walk through all of these things with us and draw us to Him.

For me, music has always had a special place in my heart and allows me to put things in perspective.  God speaks to my soul through great songs.  So I would like to share this song with you all because it has helped me.

God, help us to have faith.  Help us to praise you no matter what.  Help us to be the church to a lost world.  Help us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the broken.

Allen (allen4myfamily)

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One response to “Num. 31; Ps. 75, 76; Isa. 23; 1 John 1

  1. heatherpotts5

    I get that…that we begin to question. We just had great victory and then something happens and you begin to doubt. But I love how gently God gets a hold of you, loves on you, and helps you to see things through His eyes. These tragedies are not OK to God and I know we may never understand them this side of heaven, but if I’m going to take God, I have to take all of Him. As a mother, I know that when even a bug bite happens, it hurts me, because it hurts her…so I can only imagine the pain and anguish these tragedies cause my Father God.
    Thanks for sharing.

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