Ruth 2; Acts 27; Jeremiah 37; Psalm 10

When our house sold in July, a month before we could leave town, my husband and I found ourselves without a place to call home.  Leaving our home of 26 years to stay in a sterile hotel room seemed depressing. Our very generous friends offered to share their home with us. We are enjoying the abundance that spills over from their lives: a spacious home, fantastic meals with garden fresh food, the lively company of their children and grandchildren, friends that come and go. It’s a lively celebration of large and small moments spilling from one to the next. We are welcomed into all of this.

Enjoying our friends’ extensive hospitality and favor has given me a small peek into what Ruth found in the presence of Boaz with the major differences being that she was truly homeless and hungry. With warmth and respect, Boaz welcomed Ruth into his protection and care. Later, he opens up his heart to her and takes her as his wife. I can imagine the incredible joy the two brought to one another.  The extraordinary generosity of my friends and the story of Ruth and Boaz point me to the ultimate hospitality offered by God through his Son, Jesus Christ. Hear the invitation:

In my Father’s house there are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you and I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  John 14:2,3.

Being in my friend’s home has changed me. It’s given me a new appreciation for gracious hospitality, and pointed me to my real home…lessons I never expected to learn while being homeless.



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3 responses to “Ruth 2; Acts 27; Jeremiah 37; Psalm 10

  1. How encouraging to know that God has prepared a place for us in the age to come, and how inspiring to see the love of God through the hospitality and genuine concern of His people. Being a Christian is pure joy!

  2. live2love4him4ever

    Being a christian is definitely pure joy! What a simple, yet incredibly huge reminder and eye opener the path you are on was no coincidence when you were assigned these passages. How incredibly well it relates to your scenario. I often lose track of inviting others into my home, not because I don’t enjoy company, but because I allow other things to get in the way of being hospitable. Place not clean, I’m tired, feel like I don’t have the right foods or nice enough dinnerware, etc…I’ve struggled with those sillies for a long time, but incredibly amazing to be humbled by this post in that reaching out to others and opening up not only a home but a heart that is not holding any vanity is what God desires for us to do, be, reach out to others and fellowship with them; just as He stated, “I go to prepare a place for you..” I am going to work on this aspect of my life a bit better so that I can prepare and unhumanly prepared place here on earth to bring others in and share with them laughter, godly conversations, memories and the opportunity to share with them regarding an eternal home that is being prepared and will be perfect in every way unimaginable to our human minds! Thank you for this post.

  3. klueh

    Just a sidebar…my girlfriend and I spent Sat am in the kitchen, she showing me how to make peach jelly and me making salsa and peach crisp. I forgot how much fun it was to cook with others and it reminded me of days spent in the kitchen with my grandmother. There are so many ways to demonstrate hospitality and I am watching and learning.

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