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1 Sam. 11; Rom. 9; Jer. 48; Ps. 25

Who wants to know a secret?  Who wants to be a trusted confidant?

While it’s not exactly on my résumé, I want to be thought of as someone who is safe enough to be trusted—I think we all would like to be thought of as “safe enough.

I believe God is looking for someone who can be trusted with a secret.  I believe He is searching for honorable, humble, and trustworthy people who long to follow His decrees and follow in His ways.  Those who get up early in the morning just to spend the first part of their day with the Father, I believe those are the one He’s searching for.  And when He’s found them, I believe He comes down from heaven and whispers His secrets into their hearts.  Secrets about His Word that He reveals to them by opening their eyes to the scripture as their eyes have never been opened before; secrets about His people and where He’d like them to go; secrets about how to love on His people and where and how to share His Name.  Secrets are shared between friends.  They are shared between confidants.  They are shared between loved ones.   They are shared between Father and sons and daughters.  They are shared between me and God.

Thank you, Father, for trusting me with your secrets.

The secret of the LORD is for those who fear Him, and He will make them know His covenant. ~ Psalm 25:14

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