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1 Kings 7; Ephesians 4; Ezekiel 37; Psalms 87, 88

Every time I read Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, I feel like the writer knows me personally and understands what exactly what I need to hear today. Because of Christ, I am alive, sin’s power is defeated and I have the infinite blessings and riches of heaven available in a finite world. These words are not theory; they are truths that are to be worked out on a moment by moment, hour to hour, day by day basis.

Perhaps the most ironic thing is that when Paul wrote these words, he was imprisoned and suffered physical limitations that would leave most folks hopeless. Paul’s circumstances did nothing to hinder God’s truth.  I think God used the obstacles in Paul’s life to give him a clear sense of priorities.  I observed this phenomenon at work in many of my cancer patients. For many, when they got their diagnosis and underwent treatment, they gained a clear sense of what was important and what wasn’t.

So what did Paul narrow his priorities down to? It was living a life that reflected the truth of Christ’s love (in all its richness) for us AND that we would “make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:3.  Anyone who has ever had a family or been part of a church body knows that this is much easier said than done.  I pray that God gives me the same sense of urgency that Paul had when it came to living out the the truths of God. Why waste these precious days on that which doesn’t really matter? God give me the ability to know what’s important and what’s not and live accordingly. Amen.




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