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1Chronicles 3,4; Hebrews 9; Amos 3; Psalms 146, 147

I asked a group of kids how they viewed the Lord–whether they saw him as a friendly neighbor or as a close brother. The answers were mixed, and I was ok with that. They are teenagers, and for the most part, have had few hardships in their lives. At least for me, it was through hardship that Jesus moved from a place of weekend worship to one of daily need.

Through regular time in the Word and prayer, and through life circumstances way out of my control–he told me he holds it all together.

The more time I spend with him, the closer we become–just like any relationship. I think of him throughout the day and look for him through his creation.

15 He sends his orders to the world—
    how swiftly his word flies!
16 He sends the snow like white wool;
    he scatters frost upon the ground like ashes.Psalm 147:15-16 NLT

I’m not perfect. I sin. I’m terrible at confrontation. I’m prone to worry. I eat too much chocolate. And I shake and tremble after a slight 23 seconds of holding a plank before I drop to the floor. Fortunately, he’s not impressed by strength.

10 He takes no pleasure in the strength of a horse
    or in human might. Psalm 147:10 NLT

He’s all about heart.

11 No, the Lord’s delight is in those who fear him,
    those who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147:11 NLT

Courtney (66books365)

This morning, listening to Hillsong’s Christ is Enough.



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