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2Chronicles 3, 4; 1 John 3; Nahum 2; Luke 18

Yesterday, the kids and I drove to the library we used to frequent when we lived at our former house. It is my oldest daughter’s favorite library. We are just over two years out from weekly visits. I noticed the semi-circle couch was still in the kids’ section–how many times did we sit there and read books together? I have a fondness for that place. When we checked out, the librarian remembered us. She commented on how she hadn’t seen us in awhile, and I smiled because I missed her.

These old country roads seemed familiar but were changing. A sign up for a new bank. A nursery had opened up, stocked with trees. New houses had been built along the bigger road. The trees to our old community seemed so much larger; everything was changing, and I reflected on how extensive that change was in so many ways.

In ink, I write out the verses that speak deeply to me today about home and humility and love in action.

I am reminded that God is a redeemer and restorer.

Even though the destroyer has destroyed Judah,
    the Lord will restore its honor.
Israel’s vine has been stripped of branches,
    but he will restore its splendor. Nahum 2:2 NLT

I praise him. Grateful.

Courtney (66books365)

Listening to Beautiful Things.


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