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2Chron.33; Rev. 19; Malachi 1; John 18

The further I walk towards Christ, the more aware I am that there are an infinite number of things that separate our character.


Identifying with the character of Peter in John 18, I see that he and I share many things in common in comparison to the flawless character of Christ:


When sought out for who He is by the Roman guard, Jesus answers with absolute confidence, certainty, and righteousness. “I am he.”


When sought for who he is by a slave girl, Peter denies his identity and relation to Jesus.


When questioned by the High Priest, Jesus answers frankly and honestly. Holding nothing back yet not acting to protect himself, apologize, or manage the truth. He has no confession or excuse.


When questioned by a commoner, Peters shirks from the truth, looks to his own interests, and denies Jesus.


When answering with who He is, people fall to the ground.


When answering with who he is, he falls back in shame.


When unjustly struck Jesus responds in truth and love.


When overcome with fear and confusion, Peter strikes another unjustly.


Drinks the cup, swallows the pill, eats the plate set before Him by the Father. Jesus receives everything from God with obedience; trusting the Designer behind the design.


Peter. Characterized by self-interest. Riddled by fear. Reacting in anger. Caught in confusion.


Jesus. The definition of love. Emanating with boldness. Acting in righteousness. Shameless, blameless, pure. Coming with one mission:


“…that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”


Jesus ~ You are truth.


Teach me to walk in love and truth. Not fear. In everything.


Speak. I will listen ~ for what You have for me is truth. And where there is truth there is freedom.


I want to be free. From sin. From guilt. From shame. From myself.


Close the gap between you and I each day. As I draw. Close. To you.


– christiancourier517

From the archives, December 28, 2010 (Christian is coming back in 2014 as a regular contributor–woo hoo!)


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