Exodus 7-8; Matthew 17

Too often, I have absolutely no idea of who I am dealing with when it comes to God. Isn’t that so true of the characters in today’s passages?  The Lord demonstrates to Pharaoh that He controls Creation. A staff turns into a snake. Water turns to blood. Frogs, gnats and flies take over and  Pharaoh persistently hangs onto the illusion of power and control even though it is pretty clear to the casual observer that God could decimate Pharaoh in the blink of an eye.

Jesus takes Peter, James and John up to a high mountain and while there, his physical body is transformed; his face and clothes become brilliantly bright. Moses and Elijah appear and talk with Jesus. Clearly, this moment radiates heavenly glory, power and mystery. Peter is so absorbed with suggesting to Jesus what should happen next that he misses the magnitude and meaning of the moment.  God has none of that.

While he was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love;  with him I am well pleased. LISTEN TO HIM!‘ Matthew 17:5

It’s then that the disciples understand just who they are in the company of and they fall to the ground terrified and shaking.

How easily I forget who it is that I follow. Like the disciples, I rely on the grace of God to follow Jesus.

Holy Spirit, What a gift it is that you live within me. Give me the fear of God that stills the heart and quiets the soul so that I can listen when you speak. Fill me with awe and wonder. Keep me from meaningless busyness and self preoccupation so that I can follow wherever you lead.  Amen.


Let me live that I might praise you. Psalm 119:175


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