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2 Samuel 17-18; Luke 21:1-19

You will be hated by everyone because of my name. Yet not a hair of your head will perish. By your endurance you will gain your lives.

Luke 21:17-19

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The eschatological, end times, prophetic portions in Jesus’ teachings, and in the hebrew scriptures, are always a bit of a struggle for me. Not necessarily the fear aspect, although I know that’s common, and definitely there for me as well. For me the struggle is more one of knowledge, or lack thereof.

I often find myself with the Disciples, wanting to know when? When is all this going to happen? 

People often say to ‘live everyday like it’s your last.’ You can do good with that or bad, all depending on how you see the world. 

If we’re honest about what we’d do if it was our last day, week, month, etc on earth, it will reveal deep things about ourselves. What do we really take joy in? What really gives us fulfillment?

What really are we supposed to be doing with our time here on earth?

If I can be honest for a moment, if today was my last day on earth, I don’t know if I’d do much differently. 

I’d go to church, play some soccer with friends, have a last cup of coffee with my wife, maybe go on a hike. 

As I think through my day, I realized I probably wouldn’t end up standing on a street corner telling people the end is near. It’s just not really my disposition. I probably would engage a few friends and family members that aren’t yet following Jesus. But I don’t think I’d make a tremendous impact on tons of lives.

This reveals something I hadn’t t thought about before. The way I normally live my life, is exactly how I’d live my last day, even if I knew it was my last day. 

I don’t think it would make any difference!

And there’s a bit of a problem there. 

In every single ‘end times’ passage, Jesus’ point was always this: “Be Ready!”

Am I ready?

Do I even know what it would take to be ready?

To me, being ready for the end simply means taking full advantage of each and every opportunity that The Lord brings my way. It means taking a little more time to care for people, setting aside the empty things that clog up my time. 

Truth be told, I’m definitely not ready. 

Lord would you show me today, what it might look like, to be ready for your return. When you come on the clouds in glory, finishing the work of the Kingdom in drawing all people to yourself. And would you give me the power by your Sprit, to take advantage of the opportunities that will meet me today.


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