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Job 29-30; Acts12

Of the 12 disciples, Peter appears to go through the most dramatic transformation. He is concerned about how his life compares to others. He’s impulsive and emotional (refer to the walking on water incident and when he slices off the ear of a soldier), and he doesn’t seem to understand his own limitations and shortcomings (consider his declaration of allegiance to Christ at the Last Supper). One minute he’s quite sure of his commitment and the next moment, he denies having known Christ. Peter and I aren’t so different.

The Peter in the book of Acts is a changed man. Life is no longer about him; it’s all about following wherever the Lord leads him. He doesn’t cave into threats. Popular opinion no longer overrides the truth. In short, he is fearless. His refusal to deny Christ leads to what he was so afraid of before -prison and probable execution. I want that kind of love for Christ in my life. I want Peter’s kind of transformation.

What I fear, is that the subtle seduction of comfort and the good opinion and affection of others lead me to slip into denying Christ before I even realize the path I have chosen.  It’s one of those frog in the hot water situations and I doubt that I am the only frog in the pot.

Peter’s transformation tells me this: the abundant life is not found in hiding from conflict and rejection, nor is it found in choosing comfort and security over God. I am not looking for a bed of nails to lay down on so I can prove my love for God, but I am asking  him to show me where I am apt to compromise and keep me from that temptation. I want an open and honest heart that follows him wherever he leads.



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