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Genesis 41-42 and Mark 16

Genesis 41 & 42 spoke of Joseph having Faith and Hope in God no matter what he was going through.  Joseph trusted and still had Faith and Hope in God, even after being sold into slavery by his brothers and being in prison in Egypt.  Because he kept that Faith, Hope, and Belief in God; he still told other prisoners the meaning of their dreams and gave credit to God for the discernment.  Pharaoh believed Joseph’s dream interpretation.  Pharaoh said that Joseph had the spirit of God in him and placed him in charge of all of Egypt, and gave him a wife who gave him 2 sons.  God picked Joseph up out of the bleak situation and restored him to a respected and wonderful life.  Joseph could have used his new found power to get revenge on his brothers when given the opportunity, but he showed wisdom and generosity, forgiveness, and love.  He gave to his brothers the best even though they had betrayed him and sold him into slavery.  He offered forgiveness, generosity, and love.  It rendered him a peaceful and blessed life.

Wow, would anyone say that I have the spirit of God in me?  I want that to be a character trait of my life.  That will take some humble time in front of God.  Focus is my word for the year.  Guess that is a good thing to Focus on.  I want to use mercy, love, and forgiveness like I use air.


Mark 16 spoke of the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead.  Jesus wanted everyone that had seen Him to preach and tell others about Him:  To share the gospel all over the world and lead others to know Christ.  In verse 20b, (NIRV)“The Lord worked with them.  And he backed up his word by the signs that went with it.”

verse 20b,(AMP) “while the Lord kept working with them and confirming the message by attesting signs and miracles that closely accompanied (it). Amen (so be it).”

Both of these scripture passages are speaking to me directly about my life:  Practically screaming to me!  I feel broken in relation to my children as all of them are at different stages.  I have a 25 year old daughter who has made some choices that were not good and who’s trying to get back on track with God and I need to forgive again, and love.  My son is 22 years old and we have had a disagreement on things and is also having to sit out a semester of college due to finances.  I need to keep reaching out to him in love.  My youngest child who is 15 and we seem to be butting heads daily.  My prayer is that I show them God’s love every day and let them see Christ in me.  My husband is in need of a job and these past 2 years have been extremely hard.  God has given me partnership in a new business and this year has been great;  each day my goal is to share God’s love with others and especially my family, and God will give me what I need to get me up out of this terrible pit of financial despair and restore hope and renewal for my husband and our family.  Trust, Hope, and Faith in God is what will get me through and lead me to restoration and peace.


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