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Exodus 22-24; Psalm 109; Ephesians 6

You never know when you are going to need protection.  Sure, we pray for traveling mercies, protection in bad weather, safety in foreign territory, or help in getting out of dicey situations. What we cannot control we are told to ‘let go.’ Until we stumble upon the verses in Ephesians 6, we are complacent to throw up a few ‘bless me-s and mine.’ Eventually, tragedy or other dramatic changes will illuminate our quick and willing abdication of the power we have been given by God to stand and fight.

It would be nice if we could sit back and wait for God to manage our affairs, fight our battles, and supernaturally intervene. Frankly, I don’t think we’ve been given that option. Let’s consider that we are to get up in the morning and dress for the day in the clothes of a warrior.

The Israelites were warned about thieves who come to steal, abusers who afflict the widow or fatherless child, a shady loan-shark who would charge interest from even his own family, or a slanderer who would falsely accuse his brother (Exodus 22-24.) Unfortunately, these problems continue to this day.

This is not to say that God is not capable of taking the side of His beloved and fighting for his cause in times of duress. Prayer like that found in Psalm 109, calling on God to move in one’s defense, is the beginning of reaching up to God for deliverance. Why would we pray for His help if we did not believe God takes an active interest in our needs?

Yet it is in Ephesians that we learn it is also our responsibility to seek resolution to life’s problems with people, with circumstances beyond our control, and with our own vulnerability.

That is, we are to put on the whole armor of God.

Not the feathered hats, fencing swords, or stylish boots of the Three Musketeers. Life is not a comedy, and the Apostle Paul wrote in all seriousness what he knew every Christian should don in order to follow Christ. He said that truth is our motivation to stand firm.  The breastplate of righteousness is our own integrity and good deeds that will become our reputation.  Knowing the gospel of peace and taking it to others is our unwavering stance on salvation.  Faith in Jesus Christ is our shield against the onslaught of evil in this world. Finally, learning to speak boldly and rightly the written word of God is our only weapon allowed in this warfare against evil around us.

We stand, not as the youth David did in Saul’s oversized armor, but clothed with proper fit, individually dressed by the Spirit of God.  We are made ready by practice.

So get dressed; you never know when you will need protection!



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