Joshua 9-13 & Luke 16

Joshua is one of my favorite books of all time. It doesn’t matter if I read one verse, one chapter or the entire book, God always speaks directly to me. I guess you could say that about the entire bible but for some reason, Joshua is just special to me. The Lord knew I would be very forgetful when it comes to his faithfulness. I need him to remind me over and over again and this entire book does just that. Right now my family and I are wrestling with some decisions that will potentially affect the next couple of generations. As I opened up this section to my assigned reading I was blown away. The decisions that we are wrestling with have to do with where we will live and even more specifically, the boundaries of a piece of land we are praying over. Timing. His timing is perfect and priceless.

Just like many in the old testament, we get to read about Joshua’s journey that spanned many decades. We see him start off as Moses’ aid and the bible ends his story when he is old and advanced in years. There are very few characters where we get to see such a lengthy story. Joshua was a strong leader and faithful servant of the Lord. But it seems he still needed reminders that the Lord was in control and had Israel’s back.

Joshua 10:8 “Do not fear them, for I have given them into your hands. Not a man of them shall stand before you.”

10:24- 25 “Come near; put your feet on the necks of these kings.” Then they came near and put their feet on their necks. 25 And Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous. For thus the Lord will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.”

11:, 6  “They came out with all their troops, a great horde, in number like the sand that is on the seashore, with very many horses and chariots.And the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them, for tomorrow at this time I will give over all of them, slain, to Israel

Joshua was faithful with little in the beginning of his journey. Small steps of faith and obedience led him to be one of the greatest leaders of all time. He didn’t know what was up ahead or around the corner but he knew he could trust the Lord. He won battle after battle and was rewarded with being able to divide up the people’s inheritance that Moses spoke of 40 years prior. Because he could be trusted with a little, the Lord gave Joshua “much”. When Jesus spoke to the dishonest manager, in Luke 16, I don’t think he was simply talking about money.

 10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. 11 If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches? 12 And if you have not been faithful in that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?

When I think about our current situation, I think about the responsibility the Lord has given me to take care of my family and resources the has given me. Part of our wrestling goes back to how we are being called to use what he has given us. Is this what he is calling us to do or is this just what we want? We must remember that no matter what’s ahead, whether we can see it or not, whether it’s good or bad (in our eyes), God always has our best interest in mind. He is the one who sets up our boundaries and supplies us with our inheritance. We don’t know if the land is viable, buildable or even reasonably priced at this point but we can rest in him. We are to trust him in the journey, obey him when he calls and wait patiently for the inheritance he has prepared for us.


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