Judges 17-18; Psalm 21; Acts 1

What to do while waiting on God?

If you’re like me, you’re finding that making an appointment for most activities lately requires including a new dimension of time that is growing worse… extra wait time! You probably know what I’m speaking about… you rush to get to your 3 o’clock appointment, you sign in and you’re told “the doctor will be right with you…” and your name isn’t called until 3:42pm! I’ve stopped asking why because I’ve heard all the reasons before, but isn’t my time worth something? I will be honest that there have been times when I’ve wanted to hand the doctor a bill for MY time because I could be doing so many other things other than waiting for no apparent reason!

But is *all* waiting a bad thing? I mean when you’re baking a cake, if you pull the cake out before it’s ready, you hardly have a cake. If you attempt to sponge paint over a wall that has a base color coat that is still wet, you end up with a beautiful shade of color called ‘mud’! I know… I’ve tried to push the drying process… it doesn’t work… I need to wait… but I have a hard time with the waiting process. But there are some aspects of life that require a period of waiting… silence, in order for fruit to be seen… and yet, why can’t I apply this principle when it deals with coming to God and asking what is in my heart? I say the words that I know that God has my best interest in mind, but do I believe the words that pass my lips? Perhaps God really has heard my heart and in His Grace, He is working on getting me the desires of my heart… but the people that are needed as part of His plan, including myself, still aren’t ready yet. But when they are, what a magnificent masterpiece God’s gift to me will be! The key, then, is to wait on God’s time and less on our time as we can’t possibly see what God can see and know what God knows

I don’t fully understand God’s ways… but one thing is for sure… sometimes God answers “Yes…”, other times, the answer is “No!”, based on His sovereign knowledge of what is best for us. However, what appears to be more common is His third response… “Wait…”, and when this is God’s response, what do we do while we wait? Besides having a difficult time waiting, I have an ever greater problem… that is, taking back the very things I’ve laid at the cross to I’ve released to God’s care! Why? Because I feel I know me better than anyone… as well as God. I must be one great source of laughter for God!

So, what can we do while we’re waiting on God for His response to our desires? Well, I don’t believe we’re called to remain idle and grow stagnant. In Acts 1, we find the remaining 11 disciples waiting on the promise of the filling of the Holy Spirit. However, they didn’t sit idle… they prayed (Acts 1:14… they continued with one accord in prayer and supplication…”). They studied (Acts 1:16-20… when we do away with the instructions found in God’s Word, we wonder why we get ourselves into problems and situations that require us to back up and try again!) And, they worked (Acts 1:21-26… waiting on God’s potential blessings doesn’t give us permission for complacency in the here and now!)

Heavenly Father, You know us better than we know ourselves… please guide us to wait on Your time and rely less on our own desires that are often based on emotion and not Your wisdom. While we are waiting on You, we will do what we can to honor You, while we can, and to the best of our ability, all while remaining careful not to move ahead of You in our need for answers. We ask this and all things through Your son… Jesus Christ. Amen!

gstefanelli (Greg Stefanelli)


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