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2 Chronicles 15-16; 1 Kings 16; Philemon

Then Azariah son of Obed, moved by the Spirit of God, went out to meet Asa. He said, “Listen carefully, Asa, and listen Judah and Benjamin: God will stick with you as long as you stick with him. If you look for him he will let himself be found; but if you leave him he’ll leave you. For a long time Israel didn’t have the real God, nor did they have the help of priest or teacher or book. But, when they were in trouble and got serious, and decided to seek God, the God of Israel, God let Himself be found. At that time it was a dog-eat-dog world; life was constantly up for grabs-no one, regardless of country, knew what the next day might bring. Nation battered nation, city pummeled city. God let loose every kind of trouble among them. “But it’s different with you: Be strong. Take Heart. Payday is coming!”2 Chronicles 15:1-7 MSG

When I read this, I can’t help but think of how the world is today. I wake up to disheartening news on the TV or social media on a regular basis. It is easy to grow numb to it, by distracting myself with other things. It forces me to ask myself…When life gets overwhelming, where will I turn? What/Who will I worship?

Asa and the people of Israel, “shouted out their promise to God, a joyful sound accompanied with blasts from trumpets and rams’ horns. The whole country felt good about the covenant promise-they had given their promise joyfully from the heart. Anticipating the best, they had sought God-and he showed up, ready to be found. God gave them peace within and without-a most peaceable kingdom!” 2 Chronicles 15:14&15 MSG

Than, I read in 1 Kings about the evil being done and it makes me more aware of the ugliness of my own heart. How it is prone to turn to evil, especially when I forget what Jesus saved me from.   I think about how distracted I have been lately.   Satan can even use the little, seemingly harmless things to take my focus off Jesus.

I took you from nothing-a complete nobody-and set you up as a leader of my people Israel, but you plodded along in the rut of Jeroboam, making my people Israel sin and making me seethe over their sin.” 1 Kings 16:1 MSG

Thank you Father for your promises. That You are unchanging and Your word never fails. Help me to keep seeking after your heart. I am so thankful for the friends that You have given me that encourage me in my faith… “And I keep praying that this faith we hold in common keeps showing up in the good things we do, and that people recognize Christ in all of it.”Philemon vs.6. Amen.



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