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2 Chronicles 19-20; 2 Kings 1; Psalm 20; Matthew 3

Power and Might and Honor and Glory are God’s and God’s alone. He has these qualities in fullness and with perfection.

2 Chronicles 19-20 – Jehoshaphat leads his people in humbling themselves before God and He delivers them decisively. When Jehoshaphat strays and makes an alliance with an ungodly man, he faces destruction of the resulting ships from that alliance

2 Kings 1 – Ahaziah falls through his roof and ends up dying from his injuries, but not before trying to get some good news from a prophet of Baal. Elijah tells the truth straight from God. God’s power is clearly seen as is the tragic result on those that fail to recognize His power and sovereignty.

Psalm 20 – the prayers of a man who knows God’s power, “Some boast in chariots and some in horses, But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God. They have bowed down and fallen, But we have risen and stood upright.”

Matthew 3 – a New Testament example of one who also recognized God’s power. John the Baptist called it like it was – “You brood of Vipers!” he spat at the Pharisees. He hated sin and lived like it.

So, how ’bout me? Does God’s power make me live differently? Do I really believe that He has the power to wipe out entire armies without the use of human weapons? Do I really believe that He hates sin enough to instantly consume those that blatantly reject Him if He sees the need to do so? Do I believe it enough to pray with the forthrightness of the psalmist? Do I believe it enough to dress in camel hair and eat locusts if God called me to?

Not just exciting stories for Sunday school kiddos. These are real. Really happened. Factual, “Top Stories,” “This just in” kind of deals. Nothing made up, fabricated, sensationalized. If anything they just give a glimpse of His power. We probably couldn’t handle the full truth.

My response should mimic that of Peter in Luke 5 as the disciples hauled in fish and it settled in on his thinking. He fell to his knees and begged Jesus to go because his own sinfulness became dreadfully apparent in the light of such glorious sovereignty.

God, You are Awesome, and deserve all the glory and praise I can pour out in the limited time I have left here on earth. ~Amen


Erin (6intow)


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