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2 Chronicles 24; 2 Kings 12; Psalm 50; Matthew 9

Later when Jesus was eating supper at Matthew’s house with his close followers, a lot of disreputable characters came and joined them. When the Pharisees saw him keeping this kind of company, they had a fit and lit into Jesus’ followers. “What kind of example is this from your Teacher, acting cozy with crooks and riffraff?” Jesus, overhearing, shot back, “Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? Go figure out what this Scripture means: I’m after mercy, not religion.’ I’m here to invite outsiders, not coddle insiders.” Matthew 9:10-13MSG

Wow, this is convicting, because I know how easy it is for me to get comfortable. Or to judge someone when I first meet them. I can keep my heart from being like a Pharisee when I focus on worshiping God and not the sins of others. Because, I know my own brokenness and how much I need Jesus. And how much I am in need of Grace. I pray that I would extend that to others. To reach out and get to know their story. Like Jesus did. I have discovered that it is hard to love someone with a hard heart. But, it can break down walls and cover a multitude of sins.

The God of gods-it’s God!-speaks out, shouts, “Earth!” welcomes the sun in the east. Farewells the disappearing sun in the west. From the dazzle of Zion, God blazes into view. Our God makes his entrance, he’s not shy in His coming. Starbursts of fireworks precede Him..The whole cosmos attests to the fairness of this court, that here God is judge…It’s the praising life that honors me.” Psalm 50: 1-4,23MSG

I am in awe of a God for who is intimate enough to care about the small details of my life, but powerful enough to cause the sun to rise and set every day. Just like when I was reading about the intricacy of human cells with my daughter, I was reminded of this again.

Thank you Father for loving me despite my brokenness. For promising to complete the work that You started in me. Help me to not become complacent and to show others the same love that You have showed me. Amen.



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