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Isaiah 4-6; Matthew 23

Maybe it was the emotion of the weekend – sending our oldest off to his first year of college, our second child starting her first official week of a paid internship in an area of God’s gifting, our third child getting baptized and publicly, clearly sharing her testimony.

Or, maybe it was the constant stirring of God and a teeny glimpse of His Glory as I sat and soaked in Isaiah 6 this morning:

  • his robe filled the temple
  • Above him stood the seraphim
  • And the foundations of the thresholds shook
  • the King, the Lord of hosts
  • I heard the voice of the Lord

Either way, God spoke afresh of the need to follow Him with a pure, motivated heart as I sang in church this weekend.

Arms high, heart abandoned, tears flowing – it would have been impossible to not worship.

Moving from a time of worship in His throne room, I then sat in on a scathing attack on hypocrisy in the lives of those that claimed to follow Him. Matthew 23 holds this rebuke, “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?

How had the Pharisees strayed so far from the heart of the law they claimed to follow? They stopped looking at God.

You can tell by their response. When Isaiah saw God in His holy temple he cowered as his own sinfulness became painfully obvious. Many generations before Jesus spoke these woes aimed at the Pharisees, the Jewish leaders had likely had a similar response as they responded by placing God’s Word physically close to their hearts and minds and putting boundaries in place to protect against sinful habits. Their faith drove them to do all they could to remove sin and follow God.

But, they didn’t stop there. They forced it on others. They looked at the habits and traditions as if they had some saving value. They forgot.

God, draw me close again, to see You, not just the law that You fulfilled, not just my own sinfulness that You already atoned, just You. And, then let me walk in worship, constant worship, all for You. ~Amen.


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