Isaiah 33-35, 1 Corinthians 6

It’s my body… I can do whatever I want with it!

Recently, while visiting my family, I had the opportunity to attend a church service where the message was based on asking the question, do decisions we make for ourselves affect only ourselves or do they affect others around us? It’s a rather deep question… one which goes against much of what defines the current day mindset of “I have the right to do whatever I want.” But doing whatever one wants to do… because they have “rights”, does this produce any negative consequences?

Further in the message, the Pastor offered a scenario of how one decision can affect those around us. Assume a row boat where the boat is divided into four regions… each region is offered to one of 4 individuals, with the instructions that they can do whatever they want in their region of the boat. The individual in the far right corner of the boat decides to shoot a hole into the bottom of the boat. Clearly, that one decision will have adverse effects on the entire boat. So, too, can our actions, as they relate to intimacy, have far reaching effects not only on ourselves, but on others… especially God!

1 Corinthians 6:12-20 uses strong language to remind us of the temple nature of our bodies… that our bodies are created with the same dignity as our Lord’s which must never be defiled or corrupted. In this passage, we’re reminded that since our bodies are a part of our Savior’s body, we are to be very careful as to who, or what, we cleave to our body, for the scripture states that the “two shall become one flesh” (1 Cor 6:16), particularly in the area of intimacy. We’re reminded that since intimacy is a matter of the heart, handling intimacy outside of how God wants us to handle ourselves can result in significant pain when a relationship goes wrong.

In his book “Sex is not the problem (Lust is)”, Joshua Harris describes my opening line as a lie… that 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 instructs us on what to do when it comes to sexual immorality… RUN! We’re told that every sin is outside of our bodies, with the exception of sexual sin… this is sin against our bodies as our bodies are a “sanctuary of the Holy Spirit”. And, we are reminded, therefore, that our bodies are not our own, since our Savior gave His life for us.

Heavenly Father… we cannot deal with lust apart from you, for if we love the world, we cannot love You. Please forgive us… cleanse us, so we can replace lustful desires with Your desires for my life so that we can glorify You in everything that we do.

gstefanelli (Greg Stefanelli)


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