Genesis 6-8; Psalm 104; Mark 3

Are you really there? Even in the middle of this??

As the waters rose higher and higher above the ground, the boat floated safely on the surface. Genesis 7:18

During the break from school, I had the chance to start reading a wonderful book by Charlotte Gambill entitled ‘The Miracle in the Middle.’ In the book, Gambill recounts the disciples, in Mark 14:22-31, feeling the most vulnerable when they were in the middle of the lake. This, after the disciples just witnessed firsthand, Jesus feeding 5000 men, and Jesus Himself sending them on their way to Bethsaida, assuring them that they would see Him there. Where was their faith? Where is my faith when I’m in the middle of some big challenge or difficulty? Why do I believe more intently when I’m ‘close to the shore’ where it is safe, than when I’m out in the ‘middle’? Why, like the disciples, does my faith waiver, when He has already said He would never leave me?

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina annihilated the Louisiana coast and left the city in ruins. To this day, there are still places in New Orleans that have not been restored to pre-Katrina condition. Many lost their lives, many more lost their livelihood, and thousands more mourned the loss of loved ones, homes, and belongings. Grief reverberated across the world as survivors faced starting over with nothing to their name.

It was difficult enough to hear about the horrors of a flood on the radio, but is still more heart wrenching to see the devastation on television, where pain-filled faces register emotions we, on the outside of this event, have a difficult time relating to. To experience such loss firsthand is difficult for most of us to comprehend.

That is until we realize that pain is pain, something that no one person escapes. Life, like water, is a blessing that can overtake us with little to no warning. It was no secret that New Orleans was below sea level. And because of this, its citizens had built levees to hold back the unpredictable ocean. But even with the best safety measures in place, the efforts proved futile when the levees broke.

We may not live on a floodplain, but we will face times when life dares to drown us. Problems pummel us, leaving us gasping for relief from circumstances that seem determined to destroy us.

God is the only real levee that will hold no matter the pressure and stress. He holds us as we face life’s storms in His palm, and He won’t let the waters overflow the boundaries of His hand. We might feel as if we’ve sunk to the bottom of the lake, but if we look up through the murkiness of the waters surrounding us, we’ll discover the waves haven’t overtaken Him… they never will!

Those who seek God wholeheartedly will experience His strength in the midst of whatever shakes their world. God will provide in His way and time, and He’ll see us safely to His destination for us when we rely on Him.

Like Noah and his family during history’s most disastrous flood, we can float safely within God’s grasp.

Trust Him to be our unbreachable Levee!

Heavenly Father… nothing that we are dealing with surprises You… please help us to see more clearly that we are safe in Your hands, especially in the middle of the storm… where miracles are ripe for the making! Amen…

gstefanelli (Greg Stefanelli)



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2 responses to “Genesis 6-8; Psalm 104; Mark 3

  1. what a great post – just finished reading about persecution around the world – if those could read this, it would have been so encouraging – bless you

  2. Thank you for your comments… I just wish that I could fully and completely remember what I wrote here in the middle of my ‘storms’. Sometimes it feels that the more turbulent the storm, the more I feel I’m alone. My ‘one word’ for this year is gratitude… focusing on this word in *all* things, starting with something as simple as arriving to work safely, will help ‘train’ me to remaining mindful that the language of God must be spoken more regularly.

    Which resource on persecution were you referring to?

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