Genesis 41-42; Mark 16

Time. It seems to go so slow when I am waiting. I am really not good at waiting.  But of course God knows I am impatient.

“When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream.” Genesis 41:1

In the middle here of Joseph’s story, it’s been two years since he interpreted the dream of the cup-bearer. At this point in the life of Joseph, he is in prison and has been in Egypt for 13 years. Then, finally, it is time for the next chapter for Joseph. We see his situation rapidly change. And through the whole story, it is apparent that Joseph has remained faithful to God.

Usually when I read about Joseph’s life, I see the injustice and hardships. I also note the blessings and the great responsibility he is eventually given. But this time it’s not about the unimaginable lows or the magnificent highs. It’s about the time. Things happen in God’s time.

I know that God has a way better plan than I do. This should make the waiting easier. And I know that God’s timing is infinitely better than my own. Still I find waiting difficult. My family, like any family, has decisions ahead of us – both big and small. But it’s not time to make them yet.

God knows where I am and he knows where he wants me to be. He knows how to get me there. Way deep down inside I do trust that he has a plan. There are times when there is nothing else to do but trust God and wait. Remain faithful and wait. Pray and wait. When the time comes for the next chapter, step forward in faith.

But right now he tells me to wait.



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