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Deuteronomy 32-34; Psalm 13; Luke 13

Song of Moses – trust

Lamentation of David – mercy

Declaration of Christ Jesus – salvation

I was literally surprised when I realized that the ‘Song of Moses’ and the blessings he declared to the 12 tribes of Israel (Deuteronomy 32-33) were actually spoken by Moses. These words formed from the man who told God from the start, “O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue” (Exodus 4:10). Aaron had died and was buried at Mount Horeb. Joshua was not yet ordained as the next leader of the Israelites. So, these parting words by Moses tell us that he, in fact, is the orator testifying to the faithfulness of God.

The revelation that God opened the mouth of Moses to speak His truth to His chosen people is a refreshing reminder to trust God – trust that He will accomplish all that He has promised to each of us who lean on His everlasting arms. No matter that I doubt my abilities or even my purpose on life, God is still in the heavens and intimately mindful of me. I am, you are, the apple of His eye. How can we not trust the God of the past, the God of our future, and the ever-present, lovely Christ to finish what he started is us!

Sing praises to God!

As in David’s lamentation, however, there are dangerous trials to our trust such as living among the enemies of our Christian faith – worldwide, in the workplace, in difficult relationships. Even more troublesome is wrestling with the eruptions in my own soul to rebel against God or throw in the towel of defeat in my weakness. Yet, we can look to King David who exercised His trust in God, a trust built on years of praying and receiving answers from His God. His testimony is a reminder to ask for mercy, God’s loyal love. David’s heart rejoices in the mercy that brings salvation. David’s song makes me think of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “Life and Love” stanza IV:” So, when Life looked upward, being Warmed and breathed on from above, What sight could she have for seeing, Evermore . . . but only Love?”  This love exchange is what I crave, live for, and bask in. What is more healing than God’s mercy?

Sing praises to God!

I enjoy this meandering through the mysterious woods, hills, and valleys of the Old Testament stories and Psalms, yet they always lead me to Mercy’s gift of New Testament truths and assurances illuminating the clarity of Christ’s divine walk on earth and His holy Presence in the believer’s life today. During His walk on earth, even Jesus laments over the unwillingness of His creation to trust in His mercy. Still, what was His death sentence – His determined push into the very city of His sorrow – was, in fact, His promise to us of salvation. Christ told all who feared for His earthly life, “Behold, I cast our demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected,” (Luke 13:32). What a headline for the eternal story that followed Him and our eternal stories that continue to be written because of His glorious resurrection promise.

Trust in God. Pray for His mercy. Accept His salvation. Then Lift your voice —

Sing praises to God!


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