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1 Samuel 15-16; 1 Chronicles 1; Psalm 39; Acts 11

Reading the bible is sometimes very challenging for me. “What are you trying to tell me Lord?” I ask Him when I read chapters like 1 Chronicles 1 which includes a very long list of genealogy.   Just so I understood what I was reading, I looked up the word “chronicle.”  According to dictionary.com, it is “a record or register of events in chronological order.”  So begins the names of people that God wanted recorded—from Noah, after the flood, through the descendants of Abraham.   Some of the names I recognized; most I did not.  It is interesting how there will be many names, then someone will have a detail about their life, then there will be many names again.

Then, I get to read chapters like 1 Samuel 15 and 16. This is exciting stuff!  We learn about Saul and his fall from power because of his disobedience to God.  He was told by God to totally destroy the Amalekites and all that belongs to them—everything!  So Saul goes to battle but spares the life of Agag, the king, and the best of the sheep and cattle, in defiance to the command of God to destroy everything.  The LORD is grieved that He ever made Saul king and rejects him as King over Israel.  12 Early in the morning Samuel got up and went to meet Saul, but he was told, “Saul has gone to Carmel. There he has set up a monument in his own honor and has turned and gone on down to Gilgal.”  Not only did he disobey God, he is setting up monuments to himself!! So God sends Samuel to anoint another king, to the home of Jesse.  There he chooses David, the youngest of the sons, who was out tending the sheep, and anoints him King of Israel.  This has happened unbeknownst to Saul.

The next part couldn’t have been written better by the best playwright! Because the Lord has taken the Spirit of the LORD from Saul, an evil spirit started tormenting him (sent by God).  His servant suggests that listening to a lyre, someone playing music, will make him feel better.  Does he know of anyone, asks the King?  Lo and behold, it is the son of Jesse, someone people know as having the Lord with him.  So David, future king, comes to live in the palace with Saul, present king.  23 Whenever the spirit from God came on Saul, David would take up his lyre and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.  God planned this in order to get David into the palace.  He divinely orchestrated this malady to put the right person in the right place at the right time.

There is an occasion when I saw God do just that in the life of a friend. The details of what had to occur to get the right people in the right place at the right time were a majestic work of God!  I got to watch it unfold as He moved the players around until He had them in just the right places.  Through this came restoration of a family that had been torn apart for years.  Father and daughter reunited; Grandfather meeting grandchildren for the first time; sisters and half-sisters joyfully reappearing in each other’s lives after almost an entire lifetime of separation.  I am still moved to tears when I think of how He worked this all out.  There is nothing too big for God or too small of a detail for Him.  He is Lord of everything!  He can cause a royal headache if He is so inclined to use it for His glory!

Heavenly Father: Your Word has meaning for us from names in a genealogical list to exciting stories of the heroes in the bible. It all shows that nothing can stop your plans for us.  You will move heaven and earth to accomplish Your will.  Oh how mighty You are; oh how amazing are your works.  You created the details, so why should we worry? Lord, the goodness you show towards us overwhelms me at times.  Thank you for loving us so much!

Cindy (gardnlady)

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