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Proverbs 8-10; Psalm 144; Romans 12

If I gave you what you ask of me today, would you regret your request later?

Wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it. Proverbs 8:11

I remember back when my daughters were on their way to being born… just about everyone who knew me asked ‘do you know what you’re going to have?’ My response? “a baby!” But that wasn’t the answer they were looking for… they wanted to know the sex of the child. Most found it hard to understand that I didn’t want to know if we had a boy or a girl coming to us. I’ve always had the position that there are so few things in life that offer us a ‘surprise’, the magnitude of the birth of a child… so I opted for the surprise. It had me wonder if I held the same position for other significant events in life? If I learned that a meteor was on a path to hit the Earth, would I want to know about that? Would any of us? What about something like when God has me scheduled to come home? That would be good to know, wouldn’t it? Or would it? Is it necessary to know about every detail of every event? My analytical brain screams out “of course!”, my heart is learning “not so fast…”

King Solomon lived to have some regrets, but his request for wisdom as a new king was not one of them.

When God promised to grant anything Solomon asked for, Solomon wisely opted for wisdom to lead God’s people. Although Solomon made his share of mistakes, his words in Proverbs 8 show us that he never regretted choosing wisdom over riches. He would know, too, because God was so pleased by Solomon’s smart choice, that He gave the king unmatched riches to boot.

Solomon knew the value of rubies and the pleasures that gold and silver afforded him, yet, he advised his readers of Proverbs to choose wisdom above those treasures. He may have wanted material wealth, but he knew he needed wisdom to be successful in God’s plan for his life. In choosing to ask for the greatest asset he could offer his nation, instead of merely what looked appealing at first glance, he brought blessings to himself, as well.

What do I want? What do we want, as a people? Are our wants and needs in alignment? Philippians 4:19 does not speak about God providing all our wants, but rather that God will “…meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Fast-forward your imagination years down the road… envision whether your request(s) would yield eternal rewards… or if our request will lead to worldly troubles?

Solomon was known as the wisest man of his time, so his advice is worth heeding. Seeking the treasures God desires for us is the way to ensure that we will look back with no regrets. Let us give ourselves that gift today by taking wise care with our requests with reflection and prayer.

Sometimes, we don’t need to know all the details… faith allows us to rest in knowing that God has all the details under control! Our part in the process is to be ready for when He reveals the details He wants to reveal in His time and be willing to obey.

Greg Stefanelli (gstefanelli)

Father, my heart can be greedy at times for things I’m not sure You want me to have. Please help me to yield to Your wisdom. Show me that what to ask and give me the will to stick with those requests. Amen!


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