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Job 15-15, Revelation 14

“Truth always wins in your life… but you have to believe!”

Then I saw the Lamb standing on Mount Zion. Revelation 14:1

Reading this verse in Revelation brought me back to the feeling I got when I was a young boy and my father showed up to demonstrate strength and love for me by dealing with the ones who had wronged me. I remember feeling that everything was going to be alright and that I no longer was going to be bullied because the bullies wouldn’t think of standing up to my Dad… they knew who he was and what he represented… strength and truth!

In a similar way, reading Revelation 14 had all the makings of the ultimate super-hero movie; where the ‘bad guys’ were going to pay now that the super-hero was on the scene! But WHAT a story line! It’s so packed with detail and information, it’s easy to see how it would take multiple reads to get all of what the story line was trying to convey. Only in this story, the characters, especially the super-hero, are real, and there is NO super-hero, or any other, greater than our Savior, whose birth we are about to celebrate!

Do you feel as overwhelmed in your attempts to sort out Revelation? As a detail-oriented individual, I was overloaded with all of what was being spoken in the passage. It’s certainly one of those books to be studied repeatedly, because each time, it reveals fresh truth about God and where we stand with Him. God could have inspired John with a crystal-clear picture of what was to come, but in His wisdom, He laced the events with mystery. Why? Perhaps He wants us to dig deeper, and in the process, experience His truth, securing its roots in our hearts.

As wide as Revelation’s story reaches… across humanity and the entire spiritual world… its message is personal for each of us. For all its confusing symbolism and prophecies, Revelation can be summed up in one word… TRUTH! The amazing thing about truth is that we can discuss it from a multitude of perspectives. But in the end, truth never changes, regardless of tests, attack from critics, or the changing circumstances around us. However… READER BEWARE!! While truth never changes, both errors in truth and truth itself, specifically surrounding who God is, all have the same foundation… truth. The difference is that errors, or a skewing of the truth, begins in truth, but ends in error. But spiritual truth, based on the sovereignty of God, begins in truth and ends in truth.

Its story builds toward the middle of the book with descriptions of Satan’s reign of terror to annihilate everything God created to love. It’s a terrifying read, actually, because we know the events spoken about will take place someday. The millions who face persecution and death are real souls with real bodies that feel real pain.

Yet, then in the midst of the challenging fight for truth, Jesus appears, and instantly the decision is made clear and sure… Truth stands… God wins… and along with Him, so does each person by His side!

Each of us has felt the battle of truth in our lives in one form or another. If lies and hurts have battered your spirit and attacked your belief of God’s love for you, you need Revelation’s reassurances that Jesus died to guard your soul… and He will never lose or forsake you. His holy and unbounded love, and His amazing grace are securely ours, no matter how stained our life has been… without exception!

If you wonder whether Jesus’ victory truly includes you, Revelation is a testament to remind us that He appears before us to defend us; He will return to hold on to you. Everything and everyone who threatens His truth in our lives will face His vengeance.

Truth wins every time!

Heavenly Father… thank you for the finality of Your truth. Thank you for including me, for including us in truth’s victory. Amen!

Greg (gstefanelli)


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